Sunday, September 14, 2014

As of today

I sincerely apologize for the humongous lag in posts! I miss blogging and can not wait to start posting outfits again, fixing up the store and my Facebook account , and beginning an Instagram account.

Time has been slipping away from me. Being a mother is a full-time scratch that because with a full- time job you get lunch breaks, sick days, vacation days, and the ability to actually leave the job and go home, and although motherhood is much more rewarding, it is not as forgiving.

My little one turns 1 next week friday. Insane. I know right? I still can't believe I am a mother, let alone the mother of a soon to be toddler. I still feel like a child myself. Who am I to be responsible for the well-being of any life form but that of a pet? What could I possibly have to teach this tiny person that is already so perfect?

She is what baby books would call a 'difficult' or 'spirited' baby. She is a challenge. I am a low energy, easily stimulated introvert (being around others, though enjoyable, is draining for me).  She is this tremendous burst of energy. To put it into perspective, I can, and often do, get overstimulated just from reading a book. I often have to take mini-breaks from reading because the excitement that I get from an awesome book is too much for me to bear in one sitting. Crazy, I know, but I kid you not. Same thing with fashion magazines, I get so excited and if it is a really good magazine, I have to read it in pieces because a good outfit alone is enough to get me excited/ stimulate me, several on one page?? Much too much to take in one sitting!. My little one spends all day screaming joyfully while running back and forth in her walker throughout the house. It is the cutest thing to see, but dear God, it is draining.

It is over 90 degrees out here every single day with matching percentages in humidity, much too hot and stuffy to go outside. We have been stuck inside for quite awhile. I haven't had the energy to put outfits together and blog, though, I have not stopped thinking about it for a second.
It is getting a little cooler in the evening so I am planning on getting an outfit post up here real soon.

My birthday passed at the beginning of the month, and with the accumulated birthday money I have been able to purchase some really awesome pieces. I have some killer outfits in mind and I cannot wait to share! I truly do enjoy sharing outfits and thoughts with other fashion lovers! You guys are seriously like my friends, I have a good time reading and responding to comments. I can't wait to connect with you guys again real soon!

Without further ado, here are updated pics of my gorgeous angel. I like to say that she is my little piece of heaven, even when she is raising hell!

Her morning face.

pppsssshhhh.... look at that attitude. She looks like she is judging someone's outfit.

This is her bored.

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