Monday, July 14, 2014

Why I am in love with the "Ugly sandal"

Just a year ago, you could have birkenstock and I would have said "eww". 

I admit, I failed to see the fashion potential in thses infamously normcore, plain, and well, plain ugly flats. However, I can now say that "I have seen the light" and will never shit on them again. 
Birkenstocks and Birkenstock-ish sandals, were once for the fashion impaired and lazy, but no more. The truth is the actually require some thought and consideration. Styled right, they can make any outfit seem effortlessly cool, styled badly....well, we all know what Birkenstocks styled badly and without thought look like.
They are so versatile. They are so simple that they work with a spectrum of different styles and looks.
They are so comfortable. 'Nough said..
I know they call it a trend but I believe the right style of Birkenstock could be a new classic. They are minimal enough to last several seasons, and go with other trends that come and go.
Again, they are comfortable as hell!

Next up: The ones I have my eye on


  1. Sorry but the Birkenstock sandal is not a trend that I'm going to embrace. It's just not me

  2. i am exactly the same! i thought they were gross, but now i'm craving a pair!!!

  3. They are very trendy, but remain ugly for me :)

  4. birkenstock is the new choo? lol

  5. Completely agree. I woulda said ew a year ago too! lol

  6. That is so lovely :)) Have a great day!


  7. Canon ces inspi' !