Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm selling this skirt in my shop, among other items. So click the link to your right and check. it. out! I don't know what it is about plaid that brings out the punk in me, but it does every single time. I wore this skirt HERE as well.

I love how plaid looks with a holey rocker type tee and patent leather boots.
My muppet scarf (as I like to call it) is a perfect shade of blue-green. It was love at first sight.

skirt, scarf- asos, tee- urban outfitters, boots- zara

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

mom jeans

Mom jeans. What an unpleasant label. These jeans prove that there is a such thing as second chances, redemption from lousy first impressions. Once poorly worn by fashion handicapped middle aged mothers, these jeans found new life and a second chance at love by a new generation of fashion savvy women. Ok, that sounded like a bad synopsis of a life time movie...all the same, these jeans are my new favorite. They have just the right amount of slouch and  an appropriate high- waist to match.
I fancy these better than boyfriend jeans for one main reason.
 They don't contain the drop crotch that many bf jeans have, thus they maintain a feminine look.
with bf jeans I always feel the need to pair them with heels due to how masculine they always look.

Zara Everything (I don't plan this)

Friday, April 11, 2014


I adore monochromatic outfits. The cropped white tee paired with the white pencil skirt keeps the outfit looking casual, while the tan leather sandals scream summer. Clean and simple.
I wore this outfit to stroll the mall with my baby girl <3 p="">

| top, skirt, sandals- Zara     necklace- Urban Outfitters   |

Sunday, April 6, 2014

90's hip hop

As my daughter gets older, it becomes easier for me to find time for myself, which,  in all honesty, equals time for blogging...finally. Why blogging? It's the one thing that's mine. I find it fun to play stylist, photographer and model. It provides a sort of creative release that I absolutely need. I'm a creative soul, but my interests vary which sort of prevents me from mastering anything. What good is knowledge without application? Same goes for creative potential, without any actual output, does it matter that you are good at drawing? Probably not. 

The jeans will be soon be for sale in the Lola Jaro Shop . With other items both pre-loved by me and completely new. So be sure to check out the link on the side.

I felt very 90's hip hop princess in this look, or ,very now Rihanna. 
I decided to get against the "norm" and pair the outfit with thick strapped sandals. I feel it adds to the sporty vibes.

top- Zara| jeans- soon | Sandals- Zara | Necklace- Zara