Thursday, June 19, 2014

fringe with benefits

skirt, top, flats- Zara/ sunnies- Asos

I can't resist an outfit with fringe. This skirt is a bit bulky but the fringe is unstoppable.  

Naturally, my first inclination would be to pair this skirt with a rocker tee and ankle boots, but I instead opted for a white button up shirt and  the "ugly sandals" (as many people have dubbed them) with socks. The looks end up being a mixture of casual / professional.

Bare feet would have looked odd juxtaposed against so much fabric ( I am so covered up), the socks made sense, plus it is a great way to add more wear to your sandals once fall starts rolling in. 

To avoid looking sloppy and lazy,  I found it best to make sure the socks match the color of the flat sandals. 

I was inspired by the DKNY looks I featured on my last post. That being said, a cap and some wedged sneakers would have worked just as well with this outfit, turing the casual/ professional into the sport/ professional. 

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