Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new loves

Sorry for the lack of posts. I caught yet another cold. My immune system seriously sucks but I am working on improving it so this will not happen as often.

Since I couldn't share an outfit post,  thought I'd share some new accessories I purchased. 

I am pretty much a minimalist,  I never really pile on the jewels but I saw these and couldn't resist.

1. Ear Cuffs...I love how plain they are. Very clean lines. Similar HERE

2. Spike Pendant...love love love love this. I waited for so long for it to go on sale and it did   
     and I am so happy. It lays close to the neck making it look like a really awesome dog collar.

3. Plain gold band rings reminiscent of the Margiela bands. Again simple and clean, easy to
   style with anything. , I'd like to get them in silver as well, so  I can mix and match and pile 
   them on.

I mainly stick to gold because it compliments my skin tone, the way silver is said to look nice on people with paler skin tones, gold is said to look nice on people with 'tanner' skin. There a still a few more items I'd like to purchase, accessory wise. I am hoping I will be able to do so before the sell out..fingers crossed!!

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  1. love the rings!!