Friday, January 27, 2012

acid trip


shorts- asos/ top- urban outfitters/ diy demim jacket

so i stumbled upon these pictures with the torn up denim jackets and knew it was for me.  i was lucky and found an oversized denim jacket in my garage no one was using. so i took and destroyed it. i liked the idea of having the sleeves trashed but the main torso area of the jacket in tact (like the third picture on the right).i am pretty pleased with the results

the blue on the tips of my hair barely show on camera so i have to 'enhance' it in photoshop so if it looks a little fake, you now know why


  1. cute!!!

  2. Love the sequin shorts!!

  3. very the outdoor pic so much !

    x Marina

  4. Anonymous1/31/2012

    J'adore ton style, ton look et l'ambiance de ton blog !
    Vraiment magnifique ;)