Friday, June 27, 2014

Now Selling!

These babies are gorgeous and are now for sale at my SHOP

I won't sell anything I don't personally love, with that being said, I ha to keep a pair in each color for myself!

I kid not, I was honestly not planning on holding onto any of the merchandise for myself but these fit my style so perfectly.

I like things clean and minimal (or so I am learning about myself), so much so that I am not even that big on accessories. Most of my posts show me wearing little to no accessories, I feel that if you need accessories to make an outfit work then the outfit, then the outfit wasn't that good to begin with anyway. If I wear accessories it is a compliment, not a supplement. These babies, definitely compliment...almost everything!  They are so amazing that I decided to stock up on them in color as well (that will be coming soon!)

I am not saying this to pressure you into purchasing, but I honestly do only have a very small quantity of these pearls.

Feel free to ask me questions about the merchandise right here in the comments or email me at:


  1. Those earrings!!! Love them, and yes, I agree, they're so simple and minimalist!


  2. I really like how the backs of these earrings are also little balls! Awesome concept

  3. They look just like the Dior

  4. Pearls are the girls' best frds!