Sunday, April 27, 2014

lollipop guild

dress, flats- Zara

My height has never been too much of an issue for me. Coming in at 5.4", I'm an inch taller than an Olsen, and probably the same height as Giselle..when she was ten.
 I'm 3 inches shy from Cara (I lament this now and then, mourning my imaginary 'coulda woulda shoulda' modeling career), and I have been the same height since I was 18..maybe, I'm not really sure. I'm not quite short enough to be a member of the lollipop guild, but not at all tall enough to suffer from a change of weather either. 
The fashion industry labels those that suffer from my specific height deficiency 'petite' (because we are not really average height either). 
As a petite woman I have more outfits tailored than I would like to admit (and not nearly enough cash to do so). This dress being one of them. 
I saw this dress on Zara's website and adored the simplicity of it, the color of it, and especially the length of it. I knew it would be too long on me but  didn't care. I bought it anyway and wore it out the house before having it hemmed. 
The mirror lies lady and gentlemen. It does. Trust me. With outfits it lies, compulsively. 
Photographs, however, offer a more honest view of an outfit. It wasn't until I photographed this outfit pre-hemmed that I realized how foolish I looked it in it. I looked like a little girl attempting to be a woman by masquerading in her mother's clothing. It actually accentuated my lack of height. 
It was a horrid sight. 
Wearing clothing that go against your height rather than working with it, is a mistake I made for many years. 
The Olsens it. I believe they do it to make a statement, fashion has no rules...yadda yadda, and this is all true, but if we were to be honest, truly honest, can't we, perhaps, admit that maybe, as amazing as their fashion taste was/is, that they would have looked better in their outfits if it had been tailored to their height/ body type better? I am not denying that their clothing and styling are wonderful, all I am saying is that the perfect fit is perhaps one of several things that prevents the clothing from wearing you. Their styling skills: impeccable but they would look even more incredible in their outfits if it had a better fit.  Feel free to disagree, lest I speak ill against the fashion demi-godesses that are the Olsens (she said non-sarcastically!)