Sunday, November 3, 2013

you had me at 'hello'

None of my old clothing fit me. Anya has gifted me wider hips, a larger cup size and eighteen extra pounds, and I won't lie..I'm ecstatic. It is no secret I was 98 lbs before I became pregnant. I have been 98 lbs pretty much all my life and pretty much all my life I have detested it. I know, I know, 'detest' is a strong word, but it is also accurate. I was always "Bones","String bean"or some other equally demeaning 'nickname'. No one, whether it be because they are large or thin, wants to be defined by their weight, and I was. My saving grace was that I was proportionate but, honestly, it wasn't enough for me to be crazy about what I saw starring back at me in the mirror. Don't get me wrong, I didn't spend copious amounts of time pondering my own dislike for my weight. I was ultra-thin, I accepted it but I didn't like it. Thinness runs on both sides of my family and even pregnancy doesn't drastically change our appearance. I most likely don't look a whole lot different to most people but my dress and bra size say different and my reflection suddenly appears more appealing to me, so I am happy.  I would have loved to have held on to some more of the baby weight, I envy naturally curvaceous women, women with a healthy amount of weight on them. My lack of curves and height always made me feel as though I was pre-teen instead of a woman, and although I am still thinner than most, I am not where I was and that makes me very happy.  I still have to hit the gym to flatten here and tone there but I need to heal more first.   Most would kill for a super model's body, I would kill for a Kim Kardashian/ Marilyn Monroe/ Christina Hendricks/scarlett johansson (before she lost weight) body. Every body is a beautiful body but we all have our body issues and our own idea of what the ideal body is. 

Best of all, I have an excuse to go shopping! Not thatI ever needed one.

Keep an eye out on my 'Shop' it will be updated soon with all the clothing (basically my whole wardrobe) that no longer fit me that I need to sell. 

skirts, top (same but in navy) , accessories- asos | boots- zara


  1. ahhh.... you look awesome in this ensemble!

  2. Totally in love with the skirt !! And the boots, of course :-)

  3. Stunning! Those boots and the sweater are fierce - I love it

    The Koalafornian x

  4. Sooooo fab!!! and fierce!!! roooooar! Love the looook!!! mwah mwah
    xo Big hugs

  5. Awesome boots and skirt hun <3

    xx Lindsey
    Complacency Kills

  6. This whole outfit is awesome, adore the plaid skirt

  7. Love each piece you are wearing :)

  8. this outfit is awesome, perfect trend, and you have beautiful curves :)

    Stop by my blog too :)