Sunday, August 4, 2013

not in kansas- 29 wks

I am 29 weeks tomorrow. Time seems to be flying past as I get closer and closer to the estimated due date. On the one hand that is great because I can't wait to meet my daughter. I can't wait be able to wear regular clothes again so I can go back to blogging regularly (11 weeks or less! Please wait for me ladies!) and I can not wait to be back in control of my own body. However, on the other hand I am scared out of my mind (I have never even held a baby before) because this os all new territory for me and not matter how much I prepare, I am never fully prepared. 

Anyway, I saw this photoset in W magazine and fell in love with it. The contrast between the neon clothing and desaturated background is just so wonderfully dramatic, it is beautiful.

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  1. You will be great! This is what you were made for!! Such a blessing.