Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gift Ideas

I was flipping through ELLE and saw their gift guide and had to share some with you.  I inlcuded a small list of my own i tried to cover everyone from the geek, artist, fashionista, the quirky,
the parent, the bookworm.... some are indeed just dream gifts (the price tags are insane on some!!) 

J.Crew NYC

Maison 140 NYC

Many of you may not know this but I am a HUGE technology geek. I LOVE technology.
So I had to have a space dedicated to my fellow
Techno Geeks: 

for the text obsessed

for those whose ipads double as mini laptops

3 Joystic for iPad  & iPhone

5 N64 USB Controller & NES
these are for computer emulators, in essence, for your hackers

for your 'i can't live without a cig' friends
for your hogwarts obsessed

if you have $$ to blow

for your road ragers

11  i skipped eleven by mistake ha ha

for your minimalists

for your quirky retro nostalgists

for your retro gamers

for your ocean lovers

*Many of my christmas patterns are from this BLOG
*Some of the single pictures are from


  1. Yup, just noticed I have Bazaar spelled wrong...I am an English lit major but I always have typos never fails!!

  2. I Love the Harper's Bazaar gift idea. Those make such good coffee table books and just great for inspiration!