Saturday, September 8, 2012


had to share, she has such a great outlook on fashion. always fun never stiff or controlled by trends or rules. love her. can't wait for her h&m collection. are you guys as excited for her accessories as i am???


  1. I love your blog (I quietly stalk) but I think Dello Russo is overrated and dresses outrageously, which today in fashion stands for style icon. I don't understand her. Yes, she has access to a great number of options and being thin helps her but my goodness, I can't get over her general unattractiveness, lack of style or inability to pick, every once in a while, something that doesn't make her look like a caricature. I feel like style is so much more than being "fashion forward" or being able to afford things. What about cut, fit, tailoring, dressing for your age and body, and accessories.

    Maybe I'm just mad because almost every designer collection for H&M has been sub-par. It's like they don't even care or try. I'm hoping Margiela wows.

    PS: You've inspired me to start putting posts on my blog soon.

    1. I see what your saying and on a certain level I completely agree. I always wondered how she felt comfortable dressing in certain outfits considering her age but I think that's why I am personally drawn to her : her nerve. She just does not give a damn and she always seems like she is having so much fun with fashion!

      In all honestly most (if not all) of her outfits would not work for real girls in the real world situations but I don't know...I enjoy her outrageousness..of coarse not for myself but for her, it's fun =)

      And thanks, it's weird to think of me inspiring anyone but it really means a lot to hear that, so thanks =)

      I love that you said she looked like a caricature lol...because she really kind of does!

  2. PS: I'm about to tell you everything I've ever thought since I started reading your blog. I don't make a habit of complimenting people so you can be assured that this is real honesty:

    You wrote two posts, one about why you started your blog and another about giving into something that wasn't you and vowing never to do it again. Both resonated so much with me. It was like you read my mind and said it better.

    Also, your aesthetic is SO very good. I'm attracted to blogs with great photo quality because it's how I want mine to be. But your sense of style is so obvious even when the photo isn't the best. (I hope you know I'm not trying to be insulting AT ALL). That's rare in the blogging world. Some people need the good lighting, the best Canon money can buy, staged shots to made an OOTD; you don't. When you finally have the bombdotcom camera, it's going to be an amazing thing.

    I found you via thehautepursuit and I see why you follow her. She's excellent. I mean, I've never read a blogger whose wardrobe was made of mesh, leather, PVC and iono, sports-like clothing. It's awesome. Like her, you know what you like and you wear it. I get the sense that you don't hesitate or think twice when you hit the checkout button. :) That lack of compromise is where I'm trying to be. I don't ever want to apologize for liking what I like. And as for nerve, I think you have plenty of that. There are outfits you post that I would've been too scared to walk around my campus with.

    As for Ms. Dello Russo, I get where you're coming from. Who she is doesn't work in the real world but fashion accommodates her nicely. And looking back, I do appreciate her nerve and outrageousness. However, I will NEVER forgive that yellow fur jacket she wore... looking like Big Bird.


    Keep up the good work. Oh and smile more! Lol.

    1. Lol..I'll try to smile more! I appreciate the honest feedback! Your awesome for taking the time to share that with me. That's one of the reasons I even started a connect with people & discuss the random outfits of whomever!

      In all honesty it took me awhile to get to the point where I would walk around my campus in 6 inch platform pumps and boyfriend jeans & not think twice about it. Especially in a campus where EVERYONE wears flip flops and skin tight jean shorts every day, needless to say I stand out for better or for worse lol. I don't know, I guess I just realized that it wasn't that big of a deal, my fellow campus goers don't go to bed thinking about what I wore to school (I wish I was that important!!).

      Thanks again for your input, I think I get what your saying about he pictures, I'll keep that in mind and yea, I don't think I can forgive her for the yellow jacket either!