Monday, September 24, 2012


trousers, peplum top, heels - zara / collar pins- asos

one of my majors is philosophy and i am now taking existentialism.  One of the philosophers we are studying talks ( i am very roughly paraphrasing)  about how we are constantly changing and growing, that who we were yesterday isn't who we are today. Our perspectives keep changing due to our experiences. He says that although we may feel like the same person we were 5 years ago that it's just an illusion. We aren't. We don't see the world the same way we did back the, we don't interact it with it the same way. 

i just thought about how funny it is that that change is reflected in our style. as we grow and change so does our personal tastes and how we present ourselves to the world. i feel like my style may be shifting a little bit, into what i'm not sure. what that basically translates into is that there are many new items for sale in my 'shop', the link is on the side. check 'em out incase there is something there you might like. More items will be listed shortly


  1. Hi! the print of your pants is very good.

  2. Wow amazing pants,love them.

  3. absolutely love these pants! I like that you paired them with neturals xx

  4. Really gorgeous outfit!
    Amazing post! Your blog is lovely!

  5. love your blouse.....!!!!!