Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sugar Lips Lace

lace top c/o sugar lips /heels- zara/ cuffs- asos/ shorts- free people

This Corvida crop top from is beyond perfect for this warm weather. I felt like it was so posh and lovely all on it's own that it would remain that way if I paired it with boyfriend shorts to dress the top own for a normal casual day.  It has an equally lovely silver zipper running down the back, that isn't shown in the above pictures.  I will be wearing this top 'dressed up' (and with  lace it's an easy thing to do) in an upcoming post. The Liya copies from zara also arrived, they are lovely and a good affordable alternative to the real thing, the heel is just the right height so that they can be worn for long periods of time without causing pain.


  1. Love every piece! Great outfit.


  2. You're so fierce. And I'm so upset - I was about to order those shoes but decided to wait and think about it.. and now they're all gone :( Gah!
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  3. Cute! It looks like everyone and their mom is sponsored by Sugarlips, hahaha. Great selection....I can't wait for my pick to come in this week (partly because I don't remember what it is.)

    Those shoes are beautiful! I should have snatched up a pair while I had the chance :(


    1. lol, well seems like no one can say no to get something cute in the mail