Thursday, May 10, 2012


mesh top, heels -zara/ cropped tank, necklace - forever 21/ blazer- urban outfitters/ shorts- free people/ rings- asos

i started this blog on a whim. i became obsessed with a few choice bloggers and flippantly decided that "i could do this!"

i wasn't expecting this blog to be the sharpening skill that it has become for my sense of style. i also wasn't expecting to find so much of myself in fashion. unearthing my personal sense of style is like finding a missing puzzle piece to my personality. this blog has been helping me define myself..locate myself in a way. since fashion is a reflection of our personalities, it's sort of a window, a way to silently communicate to the world who we are; by finding my style, i found a part of me. for many many reasons (that for now will remain untold) i had never had a strong sense of self, i lacked a personal identity which any therapist will tell you, is very important to have. however, this blog has been a surprisingly useful tool in changing that. 

i'm still exploring, i would be lying if i stood here and declared that i know for sure what my style was but i feel as though i am well on my way to discovering it and the process discovering more of me. so thanks dolls for joining me on this journey. you ladies are badass and rock.

oh and p.s. i am seriously  diggin' boyfriend shorts with heels at the moment, as you can tell...


  1. I think everyday we're going through a process of change as well as understanding who we are so I don't blame you! I do agree that having a blog can be useful in helping us understand ourselves better... because it has certain helped me a lot in this process!

  2. Just came across your blog and i really like it here:-)
    I'll def come back for more inspirations. BLOGLOVIN now!

    Love from Germany
    X Ariane

  3. love it. love everything about it.

  4. Absolutely love your style, following you via bloglovin'