Monday, March 5, 2012

in bloom

top- shewolf/ bag- shewolf / jewelry- asos/ shorts- urban outfitters/ heels- zara

alright perhaps it is just me, but i find that zara heels are so wonderfully comfortable and easy to walk in.  i love heels but there are so many shoe stores that sell heels that are so painful to even stand in. My ankles literally feel like they are  going to snap in two in  some of those heels. I was a little wary when i ordered this stilettos awhile back, i was sure they were going to apply too much pressure on my weak (yes, i said it!! i hate saying i have weak ankles but i really do) ankles but dear lord..are they perfect!!! i have had trouble with topshop heels in the past, which makes me sad because they have such wonderful heels. =(

so being the fashion obsessed people that we are, we all know that florals seriously exploded off the runways recently. I needed to have a floral shirt after seeing some many saunter down the runway but i had a difficult time finding one in a color palette i liked and in a print i liked (or at the very least could afford) so, when i saw this print at a fabric store i knew i had to use it. i did this double sleeve thing (you could see in the last picture, not sure i am diggin that green polish anymore) , just have something a little interesting and different. the nice thing is that i can always tuck the 2nd sleeve right in to make the sleeves shorter in general.

my purse is also something i had been meaning to make for awhile, it's like a paper bag. i saw it done somewhere else ( i can not for the life of me remember where) but i knew i had to try a version of my own.


  1. gorgeous blouse! love everything about this look!


  2. great outfit!!

  3. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Do Zara heels run true to size?

    1. In my opinion ..yes and no. If your shopping from their website then yes. I'm a 7.5 and if I order a 7.5 from their website it fits perfectly but I found this mainly goes for open toe shoes, if the shoes I order are closed toe, I found I need to size up.

      On their website they display U.S. sizes (if your ordering from the U.S.) but you'll notice when you get the shoe they are labeled in European sizes (37, 38... since they are European shoes) and European sizes usually run small and the difference is most noticeable in closed toe shoes.

      I hope that helped! =)