Sunday, April 15, 2012

lucky break

illustration by me

these hotties from zara sold out so fast it made me want to cry. i thought i'd visit the site one more time yesterday in an effort to abate my pain from losing out on these bad asses only to find that they magically reappeared on the site and had 3 more left in my size...i quickly scooped a pair up of course. 


  1. Lovely illustration! I love those shoes too..

    - Victoria

  2. What's happening now that everybody is starting to illustrate? I'm so glad to see people starting to develop their creativity. You did a good job with that illustration!


  3. @ Sylvia from Dare to DIY: lol, well I can't speak for anyone else but I used to major in Graphic Desgn and now I double major with one of those majors being art. So illustration and drawing is something I always loved =)