Thursday, March 22, 2012

airport lounging

JTT43 Sheer Double Layer Black Top
                                          Black Margaret Ankle Wrap Wedge by DKNY
Enchanteresse bra
Black Snakeskin Lips Clutch
Mirrored Lens Classic Silver Aviator Sunglasses by Rayban

my mother just received a job in NY (we are originally from NY) and i am already planning trips in my head to visit. the above outfit would be ideal for the flight, comfy, minimal but still stylish. the different textures in each piece keep the outfit interesting and awesome is that lip clutch????? they have them in a million colors and textures..too rad


  1. I have those shorts too! Love the color! Your outfit is perfection.
    I am loving all the cropped tops and bustier style tops. More crunches required, lol, but worth it! I just bought this one:
    I plan to wear it with a mid length full skirt and also a pencil skirt! so excited for spring!

  2. @ Dasha: oh wow that top is SEXY!!! and I agree the skirt choices will keep it sexy and till classy!! and yes crunches are for sure on my agenda lol!!