Saturday, November 26, 2011

I lost my edge.. I want it back

1. [unknown] love the messy hair
2. [Hanneli]the pop of color in those shoes and cut out back of the sweater
3. [ kimberly ovitz] this pic must be old but i hereby swear to find a similar dress
4. [marie claire] torn jeans, fuzzy sweater
5. [unknown] raccoon eyes with sparkle

somewhere along the line, i lost my edge and stopped following my gut instinct when it came to the clothing items i am drawn to. that ends today


  1. wow! love the gray/black jackeet in the first photo!!

  2. let me know when you find that dress as i just so happen to have fallen head over heels !!!

  3. @ Hippie Fruit : Will do!!!

    @ Lucia m: I had a vest like that once from Forever 21, just like that jacket..I have no idea what happened to it