Monday, May 23, 2011


skirt- h&m/ sweatshirt- forever 21/ faux fur lapel- asos

i wore this to class the other day which prompted my teacher to comment on how "hollywood" I looked and then proceed to ask the class whether they agreed...ummmmm.... awkward much.

since i get dressed for me and only me it's odd & surprising when it draws attention. i believe the only reason my outfit had drew attention at all is because most people have a habit of dressing bummy to school ( i am working on eradicating that habit myself), i know we can all agree that it IS possible to not be bummy and still be comfortable. i will be in ucf in jan.. if i successfully pass my statistics class and i look forward to prancing around campus in stylish comfort. in fact i think i think more about what my university wardrobe will be more then my classes, is that bad?

i think the key is to dress down otherwise dressy clothing items (no big secret this has been said by many people many times before) something i admittedly am just picking up on despite having read it millions of times before. my long soft pink tulle skirt was easily dressed down with my ratty keds and a sweatshirt...while keeping my fur lapel handy incase it grew windy (my neck is the first thing to get cold!)

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  1. nice look dear!